Advisory Board

Baylor Business

The Hankamer Advisory Board plays a critical role in providing strategic counsel to Hankamer School of Business administrators, faculty and staff.

Our advisors and faculty share many of the same qualities: excellence, leadership, service, diversity, teamwork, innovation, relevance and Christian principles. Together we work to contribute to a collegiate environment that encourages lifelong learning - not just for students but for ourselves as well.

The board meets twice a year, with each member serving a three year term.

Current Board Members

  • Advisory Board - Terry Maness

    Terry Maness

    Dean, Hankamer School of Business

  • Advisory Board - John R. Bell Image

    John R. Bell

    Vice President, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

  • Advisory Board - Bernay Box Image

    Bernay Box

    CEO, Bonanza Capital Ltd.

  • Advisory Board - Jay A. Brown

    Jay A. Brown

    President & CEO, Crown Castle

  • Advisory Board - C. Keith Cargill

    C. Keith Cargill

    President & CEO, Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc.

    President & CEO, Texas Capital Bank

  • Advisory Board - Brent Clum Image

    Brent W. Clum

    CFO, MorningStar Partners

  • Advisory Board - Kirk Coleman Image

    Kirk Coleman

    Executive Vice President, Operations, Business Solutions Group & Technology, Texas Capital Bank

  • Advisory Board - Scott Colvert Image

    Scott Colvert

    Partner, Trinity Hunt Partners

  • Advisory Board - J. Kim Crafton Image

    J. Kim Crafton

    President & CEO, Mobilease, Inc.

  • Advisory Board - Suzanne S. Daroowala Image

    Suzanne S. Daroowala

    Business Analysis & Reporting Manager, ExxonMobil Corporation

  • Advisory Board - David Dominy

    David Dominy

    Managing Director, JLL Valuation & Advisory Services, LLC

  • Advisory Board - Mark Doran Image

    Mark Doran


  • Advisory Board - Susan M. Doyle Image

    Susan M. Doyle

    COO, Caton Consulting Group, P.C.

  • Advisory Board - Will E. Fair Image

    Will E. Fair

    Chairman, Home Abstract & Title Company

  • Advisory Board - Manny Fernandez Image

    Manny Fernandez

    Managing Partner, KPMG LLC

  • Advisory Board - Aaron P. Graft

    Aaron P. Graft

    Founder, Vice Chairman & CEO, Triumph Bancorp, Inc.

  • Advisory Board - Philip Green

    Philip Green

    Managing Partner, Southwest Region, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Advisory Board - Marilyn Williams Hardy

    Marilyn Williams Hardy

    Director, Revenue Management, BNSF Railway

  • Advisory Board - Jack F. Harper

    Jack Harper

    President & CEO, Concho Resources Inc.

  • Advisory Board - Sam Henry

    Sam Henry

    CEO, Mira Vista Investments

  • Advisory Board - Mark Howard

    Mark Howard

    Executive Vice President & CLO, Nationwide

  • Advisory Board - Terry M. Huey Image

    Terry M. Huey

    Manager, Chemical & Corporate Information Technology, ExxonMobil Corporation

  • Advisory Board - Steve Jarvie Image

    Steve Jarvie

    President, ESRP Advisory Dallas, LLC

  • Advisory Board - R. Britt Langford Image

    R. Britt Langford

    Managing Director, The Private Bank, J.P. Morgan

  • Advisory Board - Roger Lowe, Jr Image

    Roger Lowe, Jr

    Owner, Vice President/CEO, Lowe's Market

  • Advisory Board - Cindy Marion

    Cindy Marion

    Founder & President, MMI Agency

  • Advisory Board - Lisa Miller

    Lisa Miller

    Owner, Fresh From Texas, Inc.

  • Advisory Board - John D. Rainey

    John D. Rainey

    Executive Vice President & CFO, PayPal Holdings, Inc.

  • Advisory Board - Scott J. Salmans

    Scott J. Salmans

    Owner & CEO, SJS Family Enterprises and WRS Group LTD

  • Paul Shultz Image

    Paul Shultz

    General Manager, South Region, Slalom Consulting

  • Bill Simon Image

    Bill Simon

    Retired President & CEO, Walmart U.S.

  • Doyle Simons Image

    Doyle R. Simons

    President & CEO, Weyerhaeuser Company

  • Advisory Board - Scott S. Smith

    Scott S. Smith

    CHRO, AT&T Communications, AT&T Inc.

  • Advisory Board - Stu Solomon

    Stu Solomon

    President, IP3 Corporation

  • Advisory Board - Jack Tompkins

    Jack I. Tompkins

    Chairman & CEO, ARTA Equity Advisors, LLC

    Chairman, Dyersdale Energy

    Chairman & CEO, Fit Athletic Club, LLC

  • Advisory Board - Chris Wallis Image

    Chris Wallis

    CEO, CIO & Senior Portfolio Manager, Vaughan Nelson Investment Management

  • Advisory Board - Temple H. Weiss

    Temple H. Weiss

    Chief Administrative Officer, Learfield Sports

Regent Appointed Board Member

  • Advisory Board - James Cary Gray Image

    James Cary Gray

    President & Managing Director, Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C.

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