Institute of Emerging Technologies

Research Centers

Electronic commerce is having a revolutionary impact on the way business is conducted throughout the world. The enabling technologies for electronic business are rapidly changing; thus causing major concerns on how best to implement the newer technologies, the economics of incorporating them into organizations, and managing organization change required to accept the new methods and processes.

Knowledge management is a concept quickly gaining national attention. Although it is a concept without a clear definition, it has tremendous potential for improving business operations and profitability. Some of the topics being included in the knowledge management domain, such as data mining and data warehousing, are quickly emerging as radical ways for businesses to discover new information about their business operations, including ways to gain and retain customers and improve business processes.

Geographical information systems, although used in scientific applications for years, are emerging as powerful tools to help various science areas and businesses spot new profitable opportunities to refine or improve processes. This will be an interdisciplinary effort with areas such as geology, biology, environmental science and business.

Center for Corporate Performance Improvement Technologies. Performance improvement technologies help corporations develop a systems approach to improving performance in the workplace by using emerging informational technologies to develop and deliver just-in-time, just enough training and development opportunities, then evaluating and disseminating the results to improve the process.

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