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Doctorate in Health Services Research

The Baylor PhD in Health Services Research is a full time residency program designed to be completed over the course of four years. The first three years of the program involve intensive course work comprised of 68 semester hours.

Students will be required to take 24 hours of specified graduate level Economics courses in the first two years towards receiving an MS in Economics. Students will also be required to take specific courses in Research Methods and Design (18 hours), Health and Healthcare (17 hours), and Health and Healthcare electives (9 hours).

Admission to doctoral candidacy requires that the student complete a comprehensive qualifying examination. In addition, students will enroll in three summer research practicums (9 hours).

After admittance to PhD candidacy, students will complete 6 hours of dissertation work. Completion of the program requires students choose an impactful research topic, then write and defend the dissertation which will take the form of three publishable journal articles.

Student funding is guaranteed for four years.

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