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MBA Students Create Job Club to help get Better Jobs and Internships

March 23, 2006

The Hankamer Job Club is now up and running with two meetings held in recent months. With 10 members, the club's goal is to help students get better jobs and internships, faster.

"Founded on the idea that the best way to reach our goal is to collaborate with other job seekers, the Hankamer Job Club enables us to have many sets of eyes and ears out there looking for jobs," explained Shama Blaney, MBA Lockstep 2 student.

According to an Employment Paper by J.K. Malmgren, the idea isn't suited to everyone, but it can be very successful - often with placement rates above 80 percent.

The structure for the Hankamer Job Club is based on a structure used by Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. During monthly meetings, each member reports the results of his or her job search since the last meeting. Members ask for support in specific areas, such as advice, brainstorming, leads, ideas, and direct assistance.

During the meeting one member will facilitate an activity, like networking techniques or mock interviews. Then, each member sets manageable goals, directly related to the employment search, for the next month.

During the month the Hankamer Job Club communicates via Yahoo groups:

The Hankamer Job Club welcomes the opportunity to work with Baylor Business alumni. To find out more, contact Shama Blaney at

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