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MBA Students Enact Real-Life Ethical Scenario at Ethics Forum

Nov. 16, 2005

As part of the closing day's events of the Baylor Business annual Business Ethics Forum in early November, a team of five Baylor MBA students presented "A Real-Life Ethical Dilemma" drama to over 500 Ethics Forum attendees, including keynote speaker Judy Dean and guest members of the Ethics Panel that immediately followed the drama.

MBA students enacted a real-life ethical scenario depicting the importance of making consistently ethically-sound decisions in the workplace, even under pressure from boss and peers to take a different course.

Ethics Dilemma TeamDressed for their parts in the scenario, the students are Tim Stewart, April Mollerberg, Kris Hartley, Christin Loudermilk and Joseph DeWoody.

Following the performance, there was an audience participation forum where attendees were asked to vote their opinions on the most appropriate responses/choices.

"The Ethics Forum Planning Committee was enthusiastic about putting some interactivity into the Forum schedule, especially at a venue when a large number of students would be attending," explained Dr. Anne Grinols, assistant dean for graduate business programs. "We created the script based on a case, plus actual events immediately recognized by attendees, and the students eagerly began rehearsing. As you can imagine, rehearsing this scenario led to many interesting discussions about ethics in business."

"When Dr. Grinols approached me with the idea of enacting a skit, I was thrilled...what a great way to bring ethical decision-making to a very real-world and personal level," Mollerberg said.

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