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Baylor MBA team takes first in Oklahoma Business School Case Competition

March 3, 2005

Curtis Beaty, April Mollerberg, Micheal Pettibone and Christin Loudermilk comprised the winning team at an MBA Case Competition sponsored by the Price College of Business at Oklahoma University. The Baylor students competed Feb 26 against MBA teams from OU, Kansas, Oklahoma State and Iowa State. Dr. Charles Stanley, professor of accounting, served as the faculty sponsor for Baylor's team.

OU Case Comp SP05

Each team received the case upon arrival in Oklahoma at 9 a.m. and had until 8 a.m. Saturday to prepare their presentation. The Harvard Business Case on Sunrise Medical, Inc. examined the relationship between two internal divisions competing for market share of a particular product (wheelchairs). The students were to determine if entering a new market was a prudent business decision for the company.

"The case was a strategy-based case, but it also included finance, marketing, accounting, organizational behavior, and a little bit of healthcare," Loudermilk said.

"Since we were not allowed to draw from any external research and were limited to the information contained in the case, we spent most of our time dissecting/analyzing & discussing the case and researching from our class notes," Mollerberg explained. "We took an analytical approach and tried to find flaws in the reasoning behind our recommendations. Once we finalized our recommendations, we put together our presentation around 2 a.m. and continued through the night perfecting the slides."

"We slept only about 1½ hours between the time we received the case the time we presented," said Beaty.

According to the judges, the Baylor presentation was "outstanding." The students were able to grow their network of contacts with not only the judges present from varying industries but also other MBA students.

"I was surprised how difficult and integrative the case was, but I was also surprised at how equipped we were for it," Loudermilk said. "The Baylor faculty has definitely done a great job in teaching us and this proves how competitive our program is."

"It was one of the best opportunities I have taken advantage of while being in the Baylor MBA program." Pettibone said. "I have learned so many intangibles that will help me throughout life, making the case competition weekend an invaluable experience for me."

"The composition of our team was fortuitous - I could not imagine a better mix of skills, personalities, values, and senses of humor," Beaty added. "So far, the OU case competition has been the highlight of my MBA experience while at Baylor and my teammates are a major factor for that accolade."

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