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MBA Student Recognized by Texas Business Hall of Fame

Oct. 9, 2015

The Texas Business Hall of Fame has named Baylor MBA Jonathan S. Cole-McKay as a scholarship recipient for 2015.

Texas Business Hall of Fame scholarship recipients are recognized for their leadership, entrepreneurial achievement, good academic credentials, and outstanding moral character. TBHF - Cole-McKay The mission of the Texas Business Hall of Fame is to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding business leaders as well as perpetuating and inspiring the values of entrepreneurial spirit, personal integrity, and community leadership.

The scholarship award of $10,000 will be awarded to Jonathan S. Cole-McKay at the annual awards ceremony on October 28, at The Hilton Americas Hotel in Houston.

“The other MBA students were very deserving and it honestly could have gone to any of us,” Cole-McKay said. “But I think I was selected based on my passion for entrepreneurship and my burning desire to succeed. Just like any obstacle in my life, I’ve always overcame and survived it somehow. This, for me, will be no different.”

When asked about the entrepreneurship specialization feature in the Baylor MBA, Cole-McKay said, “Baylor’s entrepreneurship specialization is an attractive feature, because although most entrepreneurs are not pursuing a MBA, I find this specialization is an opportunity to fine tune your craft, while still being in a learning environment.”

“My biggest contribution to the program has been my ability to voice my dreams and to take all of the steps to achieve them," Cole-McKay said. "I started the program with strong entrepreneurial dreams and now I’m finishing the program with more clarity and even stronger entrepreneurial dreams. Being the student to go against the norm hasn’t always been the easiest or the best conversation starter, but I just fast forward to the days where I am hopefully a success story of determination and perseverance.”

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