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MBA Student Earns Second Place at Global Issue Competition

March 26, 2014

The inaugural Global Issue Challenge Competition was held recently as part of the Business School’s annual Global Business Forum. The competition, co-sponsored by the student organization Global Business Connect (GBC) and the McBride Center for International Business, challenged Baylor students to think and respond to a global business issue.

GBC Competition SP14

It consisted of two rounds - a preliminary round in which participants were asked to provide a pitch on “What they believe is the most significant technology trend that will change the way everyday life is lived? Why?” and a second round in which four finalists were asked to Choose a significant global issue/problem and Propose a way that big data can be used to tackle this problem.

MBA student Kolawole Olayinka was awarded First Runner Up after giving an enthusiastic and passionate pitch about how Big Data has already entered people’s lives without them noticing and how it can be used to improve the healthcare solutions and tackle big health issues like cancer and other life threatening diseases. He also discussed the dark side of Big Data and how it can lead to privacy concerns. He alluded to the fact that already social networks and internet has changed our perception of privacy over the last few years and how this is a part of a cultural shift that we have to accept.

The competition was the first event of Global Business Forum to be completely organized by students. GBC members recruited a panel of faculty judges consisting of Dr. Stephen Gardner (McBride Center for International Business), Dr. Anne Grinols (Professor of Management Communications), Dr. Timothy Kayworth (Department Chair, Information Systems), and Professor Jim Anderson (GBC faculty advisor, Adjunct Professor of International Marketing).

The Global Business Forum is an annual conference hosted by Baylor University and the McBride Center for International Business that assembles specialists from the academic, business, and public policy communities to explore relevant issues concerning the world economy.

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