Unit Information

Army Officers:

While assigned to the Army-Baylor Program during the didactic year, Army officers are assigned to Bravo Company, 187th Medical Battalion.

Bravo Company, 187th Medical Battalion is in Willis Hall, Suite 0410, Bldg 2841, JBSA-FSH, Texas 78234. After hours, Army officers can contact Staff Duty, Bldg 1002, 4100 Gorgas Circle, JBSA-FSH, TX 78234.


Navy Officers:

Navy – Navy Medicine Training Support Center (2931 Harney Road, Bldg 903), COMM: (210) 808-1040/1047; fax (210) 221-0215


Air Force Officers:

Air Force – 381 TRS CSS (Bldg 903, 2931 Harney Rd), Room 215, 381 TRS, DSN 420-6250, COMM: (210) 808-6250


Coast Guard Officers:

Coast Guard HQ, Galveston, COMM: (713) 671-5100


Regardless of service or branch, the individual student assessment plan (ISAP) guides the academic policies and procedures students will follow during the course.

Individual Student Assessment Plan for 6H-70A67, effective 6 June 2022 (Link)


Other useful links:

U.S. Medical Center of Excellence (https://medcoe.army.mil/)

U.S. Medical Center of Excellence Inspector General (https://medcoe.army.mil/ig)

Stimson Library (https://amedd.libguides.com/stimson)

Baylor University Libraries (https://www.baylor.edu/library/)

Baylor University Office of Accommodations (https://www.baylor.edu/oala/)

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