Mark J. Perry, PhD

Mark J. Perry, PhD
Associate Professor
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  • 1998-PhD The RAND Graduate School
  • Leadership
  • Operations Management
Professional Affiliations:
  • American College of Healthcare Executives, Former Regent (2000-2003)
Selected Papers:
  • Sanders, COL Jimmy, LTC Mark J. Perry, MAJ Robert L. Goodman, MAJ Kyle D. Campbell, LTC Dennis E. Coker, and MAJ Richard E. Thorp, The Role of the Administrative Medical Service Corps Officer, U.S. Army Medical Department Journal, PB 8-01-7/8/9, Jul/Aug/Sep 2001, pp. 11-19.
  • Montgomery, MAJ Jim B., CPT Greg G. LaFrancois, and LTC Mark J. Perry, Modeling Quality, Cost and Access: Computer Benefits Orthodontic Clinic Staffing Decisions, Military Medicine, Volume 165, Number 2, February 2000, pp. 114-8.
  • Perry, Mark J., Toward a Unified Medical Staffing Model: Restoring Order to a Military System, Final Report of the 67th Military Operations Research Society Symposium, June 1999.
  • Goodman, R.L., K.D. Campbell, W.H. Millar, J.A. Cook, C.J. Irwin, J.F. Rimmer, M. Perry, and B.W.Evans, An Application of the Modified Economic Efficiency Factor to U.S. Army Dental Command Activities: Human Resource Management Implications, U.S. Army Medical Department Journal, PB 8-99-4/5/6, Apr/May/Jun 1999, pp. 27-34.
  • Perry, Mark J., Practitioner Response to “Animated Simulation: A Valuable Decision Support Tool for Practice Improvement,” Journal of Healthcare Management, Volume 44, Number 2, March/April 1999, pp. 101-2.
  • Lacroix, Mary, Joan Ricard, & Mark J. Perry, Simulation of a Pulmonary Clinic, Proceedings of the Western Multiconference ’97 (Phoenix, AZ, Jan 12-15, 1997), Society for Computer Simulation, San Diego, CA.
  • Davis, Lois M., Susan D. Hosek, Michael G. Tate, Mark Perry, Gerard Hepler, & Peter Steinberg, Army Medical Support for Peace Operations and Humanitarian Assistance, Santa Monica, CA: RAND, MR-773-A, Fall 1996.
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