Program Philosophy


Educate and inspire future generations of Federal Health Executives and Leaders.
Since its inception in 1947, the assigned mission of the Program is to provide high quality graduate education to leaders who will serve in a series of progressively challenging positions of authority and responsibility. Every student who attends the Program has been identified and developed as a leader either as a commissioned officer in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Public Health Service or as a senior civil servant in the Department of Defense or Veterans Health Administration. Teaching is dually our core program competency and prime requirement. Our faculty conducts research and community service to support and enhance education processes and outcomes.


Be the premier graduate program - developing leaders in health and business management.
Our Program has been a highly successful and well-regarded academic organization for more than 60 years earning numerous national awards, Top 20 U.S. News and World Report rankings and achieving both CAHME and AACSB accreditation. We will not be satisfied until the tremendous value provided by our Program to the country is clearly recognized as the premier program for the development of progressive leaders in healthcare management. We are respectfully mindful that our colleagues in the community of graduate healthcare management regularly exhibit excellence in teaching, service and research; however, our comparative advantage of leadership development, manifest in our foremost credentials, more than 2,400 graduates, we judge to be unmatched in the field. We aim to provide our community graduates that can progressively apply principles of leadership, management and health administration across the full spectrum of health throughout career stages both within and external to the Federal Health System. There will be no clear variable that indicates that we have achieved our vision, but rather, we will experience a multi-dimension market standing that will include advanced national rankings, full cohorts of highly-qualified federal health leaders, high-value alumni achievements and nationally renowned faculty.


Leadership, Integrity, Scholarship, Professionalism
The essential elements of the Program’s existence are reflected in our values. The Federal institutions that we serve are enduring examples of selfless service to the country and its citizens. Our Program extends the theme of selfless service by producing highly educated graduates who are ready to serve in advanced positions of leadership and to serve as role models and mentors in our health system.


The Home of Executive Healthcare Leadership Development
Our Program traces its leadership development legacy to the birth of our country and the genesis of the Army Medical Department in 1775. The Surgeon General and officer staff established a national foundation of executive leadership in healthcare through numerous wars and peacetime service. In 1947, the Program was created as one of the first formal healthcare administration education programs in the country. The Program has been accredited virtually since the inception of graduate healthcare management accreditation. In the early 1990s, Program faculty members were instrumental in developing a competency model and executive skills program (Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute) for senior military healthcare executives serving as leaders in military hospitals nearly twenty years before competency-based education was adopted by the community. More than 90 Program alumni have earned doctorates, served as Program faculty and served as faculty, Program Directors and Deans in graduate schools across the country. Finally, more than 2,400 Program alumni have honorably and competently served the country as healthcare leaders in both the Federal and private sector providing high-value service in the healthcare leadership community for over six decades.