Competency Based Education

The Army-Baylor Program has undertaken a wholesale paradigm shift in how students are taught, developed, and evaluated throughout the educational experience. Pushed initially by the change in CAHME criteria, and more recently by the recognized advantages of a competency-based approach, the Army-Baylor faculty actively sought to develop this methodology and provide guidance to the field on the topic. The development of a competency based assessment methodology provides a point of departure for program leadership to quantitatively and qualitatively assess student progression against stated competency requirements across the entire educational experience.

A systematic review of student performance then forms a basis from which to revisit program-wide pedagogical methods, resource allocation and programmatic requirements. Most importantly, however, this process has afforded the Program a more effective means by which to build an improved educational model to ensure it achieved: objective and subjective assessments of its student population; an alignment of faculty capabilities against programmatic needs; a deepened awareness and development of JMES requirements; and a candid evaluation of curriculum content and sequencing.

Army-Baylor Competency Assessment Matrices
Joint Medical Executive Skills Army-Baylor Leadership Compentencies