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Between Tuesday, February 27, and Friday, March 2, 2007, Baylor's McBride Center for International Business will host a Global Business Forum, where a distinguished group of speakers and panelists will discuss a variety of vital issues related to international trade and investment. The Forum is the centerpiece of a new Global Business Week, providing an annual update on global business issues for Baylor students and the regional business community.

The Waco Chamber of Commerce and the Dallas and San Antonio (Camino Real) District Export Councils of the U.S. Department of Commerce are active participants in the Forum. Two of our sessions have been organized by the Global Graduate Business Council, a Baylor graduate student organization, which is also assisting with conference logistics. Our speakers will come from several countries, including practitioners and experts from large and small manufacturing companies, technology and service firms, and public agencies. We hope you will join us for several days of discussion and personal interaction on issues related to international business.

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