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GBF 2008: China in the World Economy

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China in the World Economy





During February 25-29, 2008, the McBride Center for International Business at Baylor University hosted a full week of activities related to the theme, "China in the World Economy." The week included prominent international speakers, a videoconference with an American executive in Beijing, film presentations, and a panel of Chinese students who discussed youth culture in their homeland.

A highlight of the week was the Global Business Forum on February 27-28, when a group of the world's leading scholars on Chinese business and economics joined with business executives who have worked in China for decades to discuss China's growing impact on the United States, Europe, and the developing world.

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February 25, 2008
Time/Location Event
Blume Conference Center

Introduction to the Week

  • Steve Gardner (Baylor University)
  • Film - "China on the Rise"
February 26, 2008
Time/Location Event
Blume Conference Center

Student Research on China

  • Chair - Xin Wang (Baylor Honors College)
  • Parker Short - Guanxi and Its Changing Implications for Foreign Businesses in China (Baylor Business School)
  • Scott Strickland - West Meets East: Negotiation and Bargaining at Chinese Marketplaces (Baylor Honors College)
  • Diane Nelson - 798: The Emerging Urban Art Districts in China (Baylor Honors College)
Blume Conference Center

Youth Culture in China - A Student Panel

  • Chair - Xin Wang (Baylor Honors College)
  • Travis Hobbs (International Studies)
  • Chang Lu (Economics)
  • Feng Shu (Economics)
  • Dary Stone (Business)
  • Fangfang Zhang (International Journalism)
Blume Conference Center

Business as Mission in China

  • Chair - Joseph McKinney (Baylor University)
  • Dwight Nordstrom (Chairman of Pacific Resources International via videoconference from Beijing)
February 27, 2008
Time/Location Event
Banquet Room

Opening Dinner/Keynote

  • Welcome - Dean Terry Maness (Baylor University)
  • Chair - Steve Gardner (Baylor University)
  • Pianist - Mr. Fenix Man
  • Speaker - Dr. Dr. Wing Thye Woo (University of California Davis and Brookings Institution)
February 28, 2008
Time/Location Event
Blume Conference Room

Chinese Relations with the Developing World

  • Chair - Van Pham (Baylor University)
  • Joshua Eisenman (American Foreign Policy Council)
  • Mauricio Mesquita Moreira (Inter-American Development Bank)
  • Aigul Toxanova (Economic Research Institute of the Kazakh Ministry of Economics and Budget Planning)
  • Gabdigapar S. Seitkassimov (Kazakh University of Economics, Finance, and International Trade)
Blume Conference Room

Chinese Economic Performance and Policy

  • Chair - Steve Gardner (Baylor University)
  • Gary Jefferson (Brandeis University)
  • Larry Xianghong Wu (NewMarket Technology)
Blume Conference Center

Relations with the United States and Europe

  • Chair - Joseph McKinney (Baylor University)
  • Penelope Prime (Mercer University and China Research Center)
  • Wolfgang Klenner (Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany)
Banquet Room


  • Welcome - Dean Terry Maness (Baylor University)
  • Chair - Steve Gardner (Baylor University)
  • Lan Xue (Tsinghua University, Harvard Kennedy School, Brookings Institution)
Blume Conference Room

Technology Entrepreneurship and Foreign Direct Investment

  • Chair - Greg Leman (Baylor University)
  • Haiyang Li (Rice University)
  • Pat Horner (E5 Systems)
Blume Conference Room

Company Experiences

  • Chair - Les Palich (Baylor University)
  • W. Anthony Stewart (Jones Day and China Task Force of the Dallas Chamber)
  • Ted Li (Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association)
February 29, 2008
Time/Location Event
Blume Conference Room


  • "Made in China" - chronicling the efforts of Nokia Corporation to monitor and evaluate the ethical conduct of its subcontractors in China.
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