PacMoore MIMMA Program Details

Free Enterprise at the Baugh Center

Purpose: To glorify God in the workplace by inspiring college students to fulfill the Great Commission while leading or working in for-profit companies.
Name: Muhabwa Innocent Marketplace Missionary Award, "MIMMA"
Origin: PacMoore has been obedient to the Great Commission in the workplace for over ten years. PacMoore started farming in Uganda five years ago with a desire to bring Jesus into the workplaces of Africa. Our first Marketplace Missionary, Muhabwa Innocent, was born and lives in Uganda. He leads a farming operation for PacMoore growing amaranth. He has modeled Christ in the workplace by sharing the Gospel, teaching the bible every week, praying with employees, and helping employees and their children through countless personal issues.
Reward: Once per year at each school;
$500 Amazon gift card;
A plaque with the MIMMA logo, student’s name, and PacMoore’s name as the sponsor;
Delivery: PacMoore employees will bring an Amazon gift card; the plaque; give a public lecture at the school; give the award after the lecture; and be available for Q&A at lunch with the students.
2016 Colleges: Trinity Christian, Indiana Wesleyan, Cairn, Moody, Olivet Nazarene
Qualifications: College Junior or Senior;
Minimum GPA 3.5;
Shows significant effort to bring people to Jesus;
Intends to work in the marketplace (not with an NGO, not a pastor, not at a church).
Process: PacMoore and host schools will agree on an event date each year;
PacMoore will supply the student application form;
The schools will advertise the award and seek applicants;
The schools will submit candidates at least one month prior to the time of the award;
A PacMoore committee will judge the applications submitted and will pick the final winners for each school;
PacMoore will notify the school of the winner one week prior to the event;
The school and students will allow their names to be used for marketing purposes.

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