Free Enterprise at the Baugh Center

The  Baylor Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise collaborates with other organizations to enhance research and disseminate knowledge regarding conditions that influence enterprise and societal well-being. Some of the activities where our organizations work together include:

Co-host conferences of common interest; 

Facilitate visiting scholars to work at one anoher's institutions;

Collaborate on research of common interest.

Dr Pepper Museum

The Free Enterprise Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students of all ages about the most successful and empowering economic system in the history of the world: America’s Free Enterprise, Free Market System.

The Ratio Institute is an independent research institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Our research focus on conditions for enterprise and how they can be improved, within three integrated areas:

Laws, rules and values;

The market economy, entrepreneurship and growth;

How political change can be achieved.

The Institute performs multidisciplinary research in areas that are important for the development work, wealth and welfare. Ratio emphasizes international publishing and takes an active part in the debate on related issues to increase knowledge and raise awareness of our research.

Francisco Marroquin University, Faculty of Economic Sciences

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