Speaker Videos

Free Enterprise at the Baugh Center

Summer Shine - Owner, Luna Juice
"Helping People. Getting Healthy"
Steve Mariotti - Founder, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
"The Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Entrepreneurs in War-Torn Societies"
Brenda Pavlas and Susie Hughlett - Co-Owners, CuppieCakes and Sunnyside
"How to Start a Business (If You're CRAZY!)"
Jimmy Dorrell, Co-Founder Mission Waco
"Business as a Solution to Poverty: Putting the Partnership Puzzle Pieces Together"
Matt Miller and Chip McElroy - Attorney and Founder Live Oak Brewing
"Microbrewers and the Battle for Distribution Rights"
Morris Kleiner - Professor of Public Affairs
"Guild-Ridden Labor Markets: The Curious Case of Occupational Licensing"
Magatte Wade - Founder and CEO of Tiossan
"Business as the Driver of Social and Economic Justice"
Charles Murray - W.H. Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
"Coming Apart: America's Growing Cultural Divide"
Congressman Frank Wolf and Ambassador Tony Hall
"Friendship Across the Aisle
John Tamny - Senior Development Director, Cato Institute
"The Unrelenting Beauty of Wealth Inequality"
Arthur Brooks - President, American Enterprise Institute
"Capitalism without Attachment"
Judge Ken Starr
John Tomasi - Professor, Brown University
"Free Market Fairness"
Border Title