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About the Program

Free Enterprise at the Baugh Center


Free Enterprise at the Baugh Center was established in 2013 through generous outside grant funding. It seeks to aid in the preservation of the competitive free enterprise system, including the vital small business sector of the economy. Our goal is to be a national leader in this area through research, teaching and informing public policy.


The realigned and expanded Center activities related to free enterprise will include: (1) research, (2) education and (3) outreach. Research will be focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship, markets and public policy providing a platform to bridge the gap of understanding in the relationship of business initiation and institutional policy decisions within markets. The Center will support distinguished lectures, symposia, teaching and material support for faculty, internship opportunities for students as well as other activities. We will conduct outreach by making entrepreneurs and policy makers aware of our findings through various media outlets.


Dr. Peter Klein,, 254.710.4903, is Faculty Director of Free Enterprise at the Baugh Center at Baylor University.

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