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Student Managers

Financial Markets Center


Market Sector           Student Managers, Spring 2021 - Large Cap Portfolio 
Communication Services Reese Alexander & Ethan Cherry
Consumer Discretionary & Consumer Staples Mike Scott, Thomas Neyland & Trevor Payne
Energy & Utilities Sophia Kelly & Olaoluwa Ajimoko
Financials & Real Estate Jack Everroad & Matthew Cole
Health Care Brady Cluck & Timothy Domashevich
Industrials & Materials Braxton Kukulka & Alexander Bailey
Information Technology Zachary Chance & Matthew Warden


    Market Sector                                  Student Managers, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021-
                                                                                      Small Cap Portfolio
Consumer Disc, Staples, Comm. Services Jacob Gochis, Taylor Carloss, Maddie Diehls
Financials, Real Estate, Utilities Jacob Moya, Jenna Brasuell
Health Care Trevor Rogers, Caroline Keith, William Reed
Industrials, Materials, Energy Thomas Wang, Noah Miller, Lawson Klotz
Information Technology Matt Warden, Brooks Mitchell, Mitchell Kodhek
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