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Hodges Capital Financial Markets Center

Made possible by a generous donation from Hodges Capital, the Hodges Capital Financial Markets Center is a state-of-the-art classroom that simulates the environment of an investment firm.

The facility serves as the classroom for the two hands-on investment management courses:  The Practicum in Large-Cap Portfolio Management and the Practicum in Small-Cap Portfolio Management.  

Apply to the Class

UPDATE:  The application form to apply for either the Large-Cap Practicum in Portfolio Management or the Practicum in Small-Cap Investing in Fall 2021 is now open.  It will be available until midnight, Wednesday, March 31.

In addition to the usual contact and background information applicants will need to provide:

  1. Information on why you wish to take the course and how it fits into your career goals
  2. Description(s) of any investment and/or finance-related experience
  3. Description of a significant academic and/or personal achievement
  4. Uploaded copies of your current resume and current unofficial transcript


For questions on the application process, contact Dr. Shane Underwood or Susan Etheredge.