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Students and Alumni Start Investment and Advisory Network, Encouraging Mentorship in Finance Sector

Jan. 24, 2018

The Baylor Investment and Advisory Network is a group dedicated to training and mentoring students pursing careers in investment banking and other high finance fields. Through the I&A Network, students have the unique opportunity to connect with experienced mentors, gain valuable skills, and receive the support necessary to earn an internship or full-time position.

"The Network is a group of students and alumni with the goal of placing students in high finance roles, primarily investment banking," said Jack Heath.

The I&A Network is currently led by three senior student liaisons - Jack Heath, John Robert Gilley and Sam Hart. Together, they coordinate between the alumni board and student members.

As the I&A Network has grown, so has its job placement numbers. This year's placement of students includes Moelis, Citi, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch among other investment banks.

"We've gone from placing two students a year to placing six students this last semester - including in some banks we've never been in before. The growth is exciting," said Gilley.

The I&A Network was created in 2013 by John Sommers, Matthew East and Joseph Mercer. The I&A Network has become a chain of strong Christian mentorship as students are encouraged to return in a mentorship role after they graduate.

"The I&A Network's biggest strength is the people involved. Not only are students mentored by highly successful alumni, those same alumni are building relationships across industries and geographies. The mentors you have today will be your bosses and business partners in the future," said Sommers.

There are around 20 alumni on the board, where the experience level ranges from recent graduates just stepping into their first year of banking to more experienced mentors. Additionally, the alumni group spans across the nation - from New York to San Francisco.

For students to become a part of the I&A Network, they undergo an intense application process, requiring resumes and interviews. The process is designed to challenge applicants and prepare them for the real thing.

"Our goal is to mock the intensity of an actual investment bank. We throw a lot at them and see how they react under pressure because that's what they'll be going through in a real-world scenario," said Hart.

Once accepted, students gain the essential skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a full-time role at an investment bank. Members receive mock interviews, technical question prep and assistance with resume construction; all tailored to best prepare them for the recruiting process.

Beyond career advancement, the Network promotes strong relationships: student-to-student, student to alumni and alumni to alumni. The I&A Network provides access to information and networking opportunities that are invaluable to anyone interested in pursuing a career in investment banking and high finance.

Interested students should attend the information session at 4:00 on January 26, 2018 in the Hankamer School of Business Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation, Room 102. All majors are welcome.

Alumni interested in learning more should contact the following student liaisons:

Jack Heath - Jack_Heath@baylor.edu

John Robert Gilley - John_Gilley@baylor.edu

Sam Hart - Sam_Hart@baylor.edu

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