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Student Resources

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

Program Resources

Career Development

Resources devoted to job and internship placement

  • Career Fairs
    Career fairs give our students the opportunity to meet face-to-face with prospective employers.
  • Job Opportunities
    This is a compilation of job postings for Finance, Insurance and Real Estate students.

General Resources

Student Organizations

  • Baylor Angel Network
    BAN is an investor network seeking to assist, educate and connect early-stage companies with information, advisors and capital to achieve profitable growth. Students receive hands-on experience by working closely with private-equity investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Gamma Iota Sigma
    The purpose of Gamma Iota Sigma is to encourage, establish, and enhance the professionalism of students in the field of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI).
  • Investment & Advisory Network
    To effectively promote the competitiveness and placement of Baylor students in advisory and related industries including investment banking, strategy consulting, equity research, wealth management, private equity & hedge funds.
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