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Risk Management & Insurance

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

The success of any firm depends on its ability not only to create value for stockholders but also to mitigate risks which adversely affect value.  The RMI curriculum focuses on identifying financial and economic characteristics of risks to which firms and individuals are exposed, and developing effective strategies for managing such risks.

Increasingly, nonfinancial companies are recognizing the importance of enterprise-wide risk management and thus are turning to business schools for trained risk managers. There are also career opportunities in the various financial service industries such as insurance, banking, pensions, and investment management.

Learn more about the RMI major and suggested semester schedule.

I. University/BBA Core --
II. Risk Management & Insurance Major Required Courses 12 hours
  FIN 3305 - Principles of Risk Management & Insurance
Select three (3) of the following : 9 hours
  FIN 4311 - Fundamentals of Life and Health Insurance
FIN 4320 - Fundamentals of Property and Liability Insurance (Fall only)
FIN 4332 - Employee Benefit Planning
FIN 4335 - Business Risk Management
Core + 12 hours
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