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Why Become A Fellow?

Baylor Business Fellows

Pursue Your Career Goals

The Baylor Business Fellows program is designed to help you meet ambitious and complex career goals. The program allows you to tailor your time at Baylor to your talents and passions with a focus on internships, jobs and graduate school.

The Fellows program can be combined with other programs including (but not limited to):

  • Baylor Athletics
  • Baylor Honors Program
  • Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC)
  • Pre-Med
  • Pre-Law
  • Additional Majors

Benefits of Business Fellows

  • Flexible Course Selection

    The Fellows program offers flexibility in course choices combined with individualized, in-depth advising. You can take the most rigorous courses you are capable of handling right away.

  • Pursue Multiple Goals and Career Paths

    You can achieve multiple academic goals concurrently because you have additional flexibility in elective choices. Electives can be used for:

    • Second or third business majors
    • Pre-professional curriculum (pre-med, pre-law, etc.)
    • Proficiency in an area complementary to business (math, languages, computer skills, communications, research, etc.)
  • Have an Individually-Designed Degree Plan

    The Fellows program recognizes that you are an individual with diverse talents and interests. Flexibility in choosing courses and in-depth advising nurtures your diverse learning objectives.

  • Receive Guidance for Life after Graduation

    Fellows' faculty advisors are professors with a thorough knowledge of Baylor, the best graduate and professional schools and the job market.

    Faculty advisors strive to help you gain entry into the best graduate schools and/or professional positions and prepares you to succeed when you get there.

  • Study Abroad without Course Conflicts

    Flexible degree planning helps avoid many of the conflicts with foreign study common with traditional degree plans.

  • Be Part of a Scholarly Group

    Numerous social and instructional events are planned throughout the year. Plus, most Fellows are in the same freshman economics class (ECO 1380) and Connection to Hankamer class (BUS 1101).

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