Interested in developing a PDW for Montreal?

Christian Scholarship in the Academy

Ideas for a Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

for the 2010 Academy of Management

Dear Colleagues,
If you were able to attend the Christian Scholars Breakfast at the recent AoM meeting in Chicago, you probably noticed that there was a shortage, not of participants, but of time (and food and chairs – but you were not there for the food anyway, were you?). We have been encouraged to see this event grow in size steadily for the last several years – but also somewhat frustrated that the venue is not so conducive for interaction and stimulation. In response, we would like to explore the possibility of proposing a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) for next year’s AoM meeting in Montreal.

To do so, we would like to identify some colleagues who are interested in participating at some level – ranging from “Yes, I’d attend if a PDW were held” to “I’d love to help organize a PDW”. In addition, we would like to explore some specific ideas that fall into the general realm of “What is Christian Scholarship within the Academy of Management and How Do We Do It?” For example, here, in no particular order, are some questions that we would like to explore in a PDW format:

• How do we develop a Christian view of (insert management topic of interest here)?

• Implicit vs. explicit Christian scholarship: When do we suggest and when do we proclaim?

• How can we provide appropriately-explicit Christian business perspectives in the classroom in a way that does not threaten others but rather opens dialogue about faith and values (even in public universities)?

• What is the role of general revelation and common grace in management scholarship?

• How do our Christian convictions shape us to be different scholars, teachers and advisors?

• Tearing the off the roof: Identifying and critiquing the presuppositions of management scholarship.

• Grace as a research topic.

No doubt, there are many other possible topics, and we’d like to hear about them. If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of a PDW, please contact us.

Michael Palanski, PhD

Assistant Professor

E. Philip Saunders College of Business

Rochester Institute of Technology

108 Lomb Memorial Drive

Rochester, New York 14623

(585) 475-4758

Stacy L. Jackson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management

Hope College

100 E 8th St, Suite 280

Holland MI 49422-9028

(616) 395-7446

Baylor University