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New Venture Competition Recognizes 2013 Winners

April 3, 2013

A total of $50,000 in cash was awarded to 10 finalists in the Baylor New Venture Competition held at Baylor March 1-2, 2013.

New Venture Competition

"Our second annual Baylor Entrepreneurship New Venture Competition was a remarkable success," said coordinator Wes Nemec, a program manager for the John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship in Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business. "We are thrilled with the progress that the competition has made, and look forward to continued growth as this competition becomes a staple of Baylor Entrepreneurship. The student entrepreneurs were very impressive through all stages of the competition, and we would like to thank all competition teams, as well as our judges, sponsors, alumni, staff, and all other supporters for making this event truly special."

The competition is a two-day, dual-round, business plan and speed pitch competition promoting entrepreneurship and small business development. The competition, underwritten by an anonymous gift to Baylor University and the Hankamer School of Business, provides students with expert feedback and the opportunity to win prizes to help fund their ventures.

Congratulations to the 2013 New Venture Business Plan Competition award winners and finalists:

  • First place and $25,000: Vendevor - Charlie Gasmire and Austin Barnes
  • Second place and $10,000: Cryoocyte, Inc. - Dmitry Kozachenok and Alexander Stimpson
  • Third place and $5,000: Sneeze4 - Molly Johnson and Brooke Bettis

New Venture Competition 2013 Winners

Honorable mention is extended to the following finalists, each team was awarded $1,000:

  • Oliver Hair Growth - Aaron Fitzgerald and Sophie Chor
  • Gateway Resort - Hannah Franzen and Matt Steadman
  • Lifebook - Rishel Naran, Brenda Melgar, Iliana Rivera, and Sasha Volguina
  • FitBuddy - Nikunj Nirmal, Scott Wade, and Vance Weintraub
  • Innominandum Interactive Solutions - Brandon Curran, David Duffer, Hemalochane Jayaraj, and Daniel Edelen
  • Memor Solutions Inc. - Amir Najian, Sruti Jilla, and Gilda Majidi
  • Brainfund - Matthew Hinson and Alejandro Jacobo

Charlie Gasmire of Baylor is the team leader for Vendevor, who won the judges' favor. "We are confident that Vendevor will be a game-changer for small businesses that want to begin selling online, and so winning the New Venture Competition was a fantastic first step of many as we take Vendevor to the market," said Charle Gasmire. "Opportunities like the New Venture Competition are a great example of the generous and supportive nature of the Baylor family, and we were excited to keep the trophy within that family!"

The business plan presentations given last month represent the culmination of approximately 7 months of team preparation for this competition. Initial informational and training meetings were held last September with executive summaries due at the end of November. The top 50 teams were announced in December and business plans were due at the beginning of January. Finalists were announced at the beginning of February and invited to present during the final presentation round in early March.

While last year's inaugural event was limited to Baylor students, this year the competition was expanded allowing and receiving entries from all over the country.

In addition to Baylor, other universities and institutions represented at this year's competition include Cornell, Harvard, Indiana University, Lone Star Montgomery College, Texas Christian University, University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at Austin, University of Houston, University of Miami, University of North Texas and the University of Ljubljana (in Slovenia, EU).

For more information about the competition, contact Wes Nemec at wes_nemec@baylor.edu or visit the competition's web site.

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