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European Study Abroad Program Undergoes Expansion

Dec. 4, 2012

Baylor University's Entrepreneurship Program has expanded the European Entrepreneurship Experience (e3) study abroad program, which is now included in the Baylor Business in Europe (BBE) program. Because the e3 program has been tremendously successful, this new program includes all that e3 offered but has added a new faculty member as well as two new courses.


Dr. Fred Hulme will be joining the group in 2013 alongside Drs. Leslie Palich and Marlene Reed. Hulme is a senior lecturer in the Information Systems department. He has taught a wide range of undergraduate business classes including business statistics, computer information systems, and operations management. He also teaches in Hankamer's Executive MBA program in both Dallas and Austin.

Dr. Hulme worked as an actuarial analyst before joining the Hankamer faculty. He has written a web-based textbook titled Quantitative Business Methods, which is tailored for executive graduate business programs, and has won several teaching excellence awards at Baylor. He has taught twice in Baylor study abroad programs and will be teaching the newly added Operations Management course while in Europe with the group.

"I was so pleased when Professor Hulme said he would join us for our 2013 program," said Les Palich, director of BBE. "He is a wonderful colleague and an excellent teacher. And his international experience, as well as his extraordinary talent for translating complex concepts and ideas into understandable language, make him an ideal faculty member to teach the Operations Management course in the study abroad setting. There's a reason he is one of the most popular professors in the business school."

A Strategic Management course will also be added to the program in 2013. This course, taught by Drs. Palich and Reed will allow senior students to complete one required course in their majors.

Together, these three professors have nearly 50 years of experience leading study abroad programs.

Baylor Business in Europe is a 37-day study abroad program which combines business majors with students from all fields of study across campus in a multi-disciplinary, multi-national program that travels throughout the heart of Europe. It gives students an opportunity to take six-hours of application-based courses which fulfill core or elective course requirements.

This year, students will be traveling with the program from June 1 to July 7, 2013. BBE participants will hear from successful business owners and executives in Europe and visit dynamic and expanding companies. They will also be briefed at leading international organizations, such as the United Nations. The group will visit some of the most cultured and impressive cities in Europe, including Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Milan, Geneva, Paris, Caen and London. At the heart of the academic experience, students will study issues that span a broad range of business-related topics and spend time in facilitated group discussions as they dig deeply into these concerns. In all its facets, the program will emphasize practice-focused and experience-based learning.

"This program has been so successful for the last five years, and I am very excited about adding two additional courses to our list of offerings," said Reed. "The entrepreneurship option is still a strong component, and we will continue to meet entrepreneurs across Europe and allow the students to develop a business plan for a new business with a team they have selected. Actually visiting with entrepreneurs on their home turf and hearing about the transition to a free market in the Czech Republic is always an interesting topic for the students."

The program will also include a number of cultural visits to famous palaces, inspiring cathedrals, fabulous gardens, and world-class landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Hitler's "Eagles Nest" in the Bavarian Alps. It clearly offers a well-rounded European experience, integrating knowledge of business concepts with an understanding of the cultural contexts in which they are so often expressed.

For more information about this program, please visit the Baylor Business in Europe website.

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