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New Certificate Programs Connect Entrepreneurship with Film and Digital Media Industry

Oct. 2, 2012

Baylor's Hankamer School of Business is excited to offer Entrepreneurship majors an exclusive opportunity to learn how to apply their skills within the digital media arena.

Film and Digital Media Business Certificate

The Certificate in Film and Digital Media Business is designed to create corresponding learning and recognition opportunities for Entrepreneurship majors who want to have specific knowledge of how to apply their innovative leadership skills in the digital media industry.

This 9-hour certificate program is one of two new certificates recently introduced that showcases the cross-campus collaboration between Entrepreneurship and Film and Digital Media degree programs.

"We're excited about crossing over with Entrepreneurship", said Chris Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Film & Digital Media Division. "The Film and Digital Media industry really provides lots of opportunity for people with an entrepreneurial mindset, and we know it will be beneficial for both sets of students. FDM students need to understand entrepreneurial methods, and Entrepreneurship students will get to learn about an industry that values their approach."

The other new offering, the Certificate in Media Technology Entrepreneurship, is available exclusively to Film and Digital Media students.

The Certificate in Media Technology Entrepreneurship is a 9 hour certification program available to Film and Digital Media students. The program is designed to create corresponding learning and recognition opportunities for Film and Digital Media students who will gain entrepreneurial skills and innovation practices.

These new certificates are further evidence of the reach of Entrepreneurship across the Baylor campus. In Fall 2011, the Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate was officially offered to students of the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship is another official credential verifying completion of a series of cross-disciplinary courses in technology entrepreneurship, including a consultative project on behalf of a technology-based venture in its efforts to commercialize a new innovation.

"As is the case with Engineering and Computer Science students who earn a TE Certificate, the credential should prove to be a potent advantage in getting jobs at highly innovative companies, but this two-way collaboration with FDM does much more," said Greg Leman, Ph.D., director of university entrepreneurial initiatives. "Bringing together students to collaborate on commercialization projects is especially meaningful because we also bring together faculty who have deep industry knowledge and have led major technology transformations, like the introduction of HD into television. The launch of these new Certificate programs will be a major win for all our students, our faculties and will reinforce the University's reputation for entrepreneurship."

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