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Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Center for Technology Entrepreneurship

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

The Center for Technology Entrepreneurship is located in the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) building.

-- specializing in the field of technology entrepreneurship through fostering an ecosystem of technology innovation at Baylor University and the Hankamer School of Business --

CTE is a unique collaboration between the Hankamer School of Business and the School of Engineering & Computer Science that includes partnerships with other Baylor resources including Lab to Market Collaborative, Technology Commercialization and Industry Engagement and the Baylor I-REd Cores (industry, research and education), including the new prototyping lab.

to educate, collaborate and innovate 

Educate: CTE is committed to connect with students across all disciplines and help them engage with entrepreneurship by spreading awareness about technology entrepreneurship and commercialization through classes, certificate programs, minors, internships and student organizations. Opportunities are available to undergraduate and graduate students. To find out more about our programs, please visit the Student Engagement with CTE page.

Collaborate: Initially a partnership between Hankamer School of Business and the Provost Office, the CTE partnership now also includes the Office of General Counsel, Engineering and Computer Science, Arts and Sciences and Law. The work of student interns, researchers, engineers, professors, managers and entrepreneurs provide unique expertise to drive invention, development and sales of high-quality/low-risk technologies that bring value to the marketplace. CTE’s main partnerships are Waco Ventures, Blueprint Labs, Verifi technologies and Chariot innovations. This collaboration is helping in the formation of new corporations and the development of new technology. To find our more about our programs, please visit the Innovation Conference Series page.

Innovate: Through I-REd Cores and Lab to Market, CTE utilizes the skills of its staff and students to partner with real entrepreneurs, ventures or inventors to commercialize state of the art technology with potential to change the world. These entities produce tangible results towards technology commercialization. To find out more about our programs, please visit the Internship page.

to inform, inspire, involve and influence by partnering with industry, researchers and investors to achieve greater impact in serving marketplace need 

CTE strives to meld its mission with the University's values for boosting the economy and strengthening the connection with Baylor and the Waco community. This is achieved by: 

  • Creating alignment around translational activities within the University.
  • Providing student experiential learning opportunities.
  • Affording business startup opportunities for students and promoting alumni retention in Waco.
  • Providing economic impact in Waco.
  • Attracting investors to the Waco community.

A $1.5 million gift and a $1.5 million match has paved a path to achieve a $20 million CTE Endowment goal as a permanent funding mechanism to create a vision and legacy of a Baylor that impacts the world. The generosity of the Hankamer Business School, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation has been pivotal in the formation and early success of CTE.

To participate in this journey, please email

Bradley Norris
Director of the Center for Technology Entrepreneurship, Senior Lecturer

Monica Vardeman
Administrative Coordinator for L2M

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