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  • Social Entrepreneurship in Africa: Impactful Study Abroad

    More than five years ago, a couple of Baylor professors were considering the possibility of introducing a study abroad program in Africa. The program, Social Entrepreneurship in Africa (SEA), would have two primary goals. Most obviously, students would experience a culture very different than their own. Perhaps more importantly, students would be able to observe business in a developing country, and to see first-hand the needs of people who lack access to the types of resources that we take for granted in the United States.
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  • Keller-Williams Realty Founder, Gary Keller, is 2011 Entrepreneur in Residence

    Gary Keller starts most of his talks with students by telling them that he planned to be a professional musician. He spent a year pursuing that dream but soon realized that being a rock star wasn't in his future. Keller left his professional music ambitions to enroll at Baylor University, where he studied real estate, and went on to become co-founder of the second largest real estate company in the world, Keller-Williams Realty. Gary Keller may not have become a rock star musician but he certainly rocked the Hankamer School of Business October 5-7 when he spent three days on campus as Baylor's 2011 Entrepreneur in Residence.
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