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Scholarships for Entrepreneurship Students

Scholarships are available for students attending Baylor University who are pursuing a major or minor in entrepreneurship within the Hankamer School of Business. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and need with primary consideration given to need.

The deadline for scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 year (including Summer 2021) is Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Step 1: Complete a FAFSA

In order to be considered for a need-based Entrepreneurship Scholarship, you need to first complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and then complete our online application.

  • You should complete your 2021-22 FAFSA as early as possible, preferably before February 1, 2021. Baylor's FAFSA priority deadline is February 1, 2021.
  • However, the government deadline for online FAFSA applications for the 2021 - 2022 academic year is midnight, Central Daylight Time, June 30, 2022 and any corrections or updates to your FAFSA must be submitted by midnight, Central Daylight Time, Sept. 12, 2022
  • Complete the online FAFSA application at
  • When completing the 2021-2022 FAFSA, use 2019 tax information.

CSS Profile

For applicants starting the Summer 2019 or later, Baylor requires submission of a CSS Profile ( as well as an annual FAFSA.

Step 2: Complete the entrepreneurship scholarship application and send or drop off your degree audit and transcript

Please spend sufficient time filling out the online scholarship application, but remember that most browsers have a built-in timeout feature.

To avoid losing your work on the application, compose your written portions using a word processing application (like Microsoft Word or Notepad) and then copy and paste larger paragraphs into the online form.

It would be a good idea to keep a copy of what you submit. Once you have submitted the application you will need to e-mail or bring your degree audit and transcript (unofficial is acceptable) to Roxie Collier in the Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship, Foster Campus, Room 210.08. If you have any questions please email Roxie Collier.

Entrepreneurship scholarships available

Below is a list of scholarships available through Baylor Entrepreneurship.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding entrepreneurship scholarships, please contact Roxie Collier in the Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship, Foster Campus, Room 210.08 by email or call 254-710-2265.

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