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Accelerated Ventures Program

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Baylor Entrepreneurship offers a variety of unique opportunities that use experiential learning to enrich the traditional classroom experience.

Accelerated Ventures Program

Accelerated Ventures is a two-semester course that enables students to create real companies, raise real funds, launch products and services and generate sales.

You will learn the foundational principles required to start and run successful businesses while simultaneously applying these principles to the coursework, taking a company from its conceptualization phase to exit.

Visit the Accelerated Ventures site for application details and some information on the current student-created companies.

Venture Associates Practicum

Baylor Venture Associates is a two-semester internship program that provides graduate entrepreneurship students a first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of a successful venture fund as they develop a keen understanding of the critical success factors of a start-up company.

As an associate, you will travel weekly to G-51 Capital Management, LLC. in Austin, Texas. At G-51, you will scour new investment plans in order to evaluate the legitimacy of the opportunities and clarify issues ranging from market size to the protection of intellectual property.

Monthly, you will participate in a "deal review" in which you pitch the various plans under your purview and make recommendations to G-51 managers.

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