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Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Course Information

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Baylor's Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation curriculum combines challenging instruction with active involvement in new and emerging ventures. Students acquire a practical, well-rounded knowledge that prepares them for the diverse demands of today's competitive marketplace.

The Baylor Entrepreneurship program offers a variety of learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as business and non-business students.

  • Majors

    The Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation major focuses on teaching students to identify viable career options in entrepreneurship, expand their conceptual knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and develop their repertoire of venture management tools and techniques.
  • Minors

    Entrepreneurship minors are opportunities for non-business students majoring in other disciplines to supplement their degree with entrepreneurial skills.
  • Graduate Specialization in Entrepreneurship

    The entrepreneurship specialization for graduate students focuses on launching a venture as well as the role of innovation in creating a successful business. Degree offerings include an experiential course in technology entrepreneurship that can be taken on campus or in combination with a summer internship in Shanghai, China.
  • Certifications

    Certifications are official credentials available to business and non-business degree-seeking students focused in specific areas of entrepreneurship.
  • Venture Associates Practicum

    Baylor Venture Associates is a two-semester internship program that provides graduate entrepreneurship students a first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of a successful venture fund as they develop a keen understanding of the critical success factors of a start-up company.
  • Living and Learning

    The Baylor Entrepreneurship program is aware that education doesn't just occur inside the classroom. The following programs offer unique opportunities to continue learning outside the classroom.
  • Study Abroad

    The Baylor Entrepreneurship Program places a special emphasis on international opportunities for students to gain a global understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation Evaluation

    For a nominal fee, which covers administrative costs, an unbiased team analyzes the commercial potential of an inventor's new product or idea through the expertise of in-house experts in marketing, manufacturing, finance and other fields. The invention or idea is evaluated according to 33 different criteria.
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