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John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship

John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise

06.29.19 Baylor Baugh Center Entrepreneurship Updates

June 29, 2019

Dear Friends and Partners,

I am writing this letter to update you on recent developments from the Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise and alert you to upcoming events and opportunities.

The mission of the Baugh Center is to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship outside the walls of the Baylor Business classrooms. God has blessed our team with generous friends and partners like you with a common heart to help foster and equip like-minded business leaders for worldwide service from within and outside the Baylor community according to the Christian tenets outlined in the Baylor University mission.

This spring, Free Enterprise at the Baugh Center featured another remarkable group of successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders, and the fall looks to be equally exciting with an all-female lineup on the calendar. The Confessions of an Entrepreneur series will feature Denitia Blount of Oh My Juice (9/10) and Catherine Ballas of REFIT Revolution (10/1).

With a commitment to clean eating, Denitia brought Waco its first healthy juice bar, while Catherine and her business partners started with YouTube workouts and church-hosted fitness classes before expanding to an instructor-training program with instructors in 44 states and a home office in Waco.

The Free Enterprise Forum organized an equally impressive fall lineup: Charlan Nemeth of University of California, Berkeley will visit September 19th, and Catherine Semcer of Property and Environment Research Center will visit October 17th.

This fall, incoming freshmen can take the opportunity to develop their businesses through Oso Launch, which engages an exclusive group of students who already own, operate, or are launching their own ventures. Oso Launch is a two-semester, non-credit experiential venture creation cohort where participants gather and build their businesses together through mentorship, networking, business planning, and practical entrepreneurship exercises.

Oso Launch is built to support freshman student entrepreneurs and nascent entrepreneurs as they explore, start, or grow their successful ventures. The program is open to student entrepreneurs from across all majors at Baylor with a focus on students in the Business and Innovation LLC.

The Baugh Center's Business & Innovation Living and Learning Center attracted a record level of interest for the incoming Fall Semester 2019. While some incoming freshmen are already visiting campus to attend the valuable Baylor Line Camp orientation experience, the Baugh Center team will band together at Baylor Move-In on August 21 to help nearly 200 students find their new home at Brooks Hall and enter the B&I LLC. This program provides a prestigious yearlong opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded students from all fields of study to live, learn, and work together in community. Students who apply to the B&I LLC may be selected to live in an immersive, transformational residence that integrates business education with Baylor's culture and values. Popular events in the spring included a Girl Business women in entrepreneurship panel, worship night in the Brooks College Robbins Chapel, and End-of-Year Award Banquet.

Do you know a high school aged business owner? You are invited to nominate young entrepreneurs to be recognized at the Baylor Young Entrepreneur Awards hosted by Baylor University's Baugh Center on November 15. This experience is a multi-round, national business plan and pitch competition to identify, guide, and propel high school entrepreneurs. Now in its fifth year, the competition showcases the best in student-created, managed, and owned ventures and provides student business owners with real-world, immersive opportunities to:

• Compete for financial support

• Explore options to pursue academic dreams at Baylor

• Network with fellow students, Baylor faculty and successful business leaders.

If you know of a student entrepreneur, please nominate him / her by August 16th.

Each year during the spring semester, the Baugh Center helps connect alumni and entrepreneurship students, primarily through two programs: 1) student scholarships and 2) summer internships. During this past spring semester, over a dozen scholarships were awarded to our excellent students through the generosity of Baylor alumni with a common burden for providing leadership and entrepreneurship education. In particular, we would like to congratulate Houston senior, Jeremiah Allison, who was offered full tuition through the prominent Drayton McLane Jr. Hankamer School of Business Scholarship. Jeremiah is an entrepreneurship / finance double major currently interning at AxisCare in Waco.

Jeremiah described the honor and his appreciation of receiving the scholarship funds:

"To be a recipient of Mr. McLane's exceedingly generous scholarship greatly affirms me and encourages me to seek a lifelong path toward excellence. Last year I was also blessed to be the recipient of the Willis Family Scholarship, Ezra Thomas Little Scholarship, and the Mark & Courtney Toon Scholarship.

At the core, my greatest desire is to follow Jesus and share His love with people. That is the all-encompassing purpose that overflows into everything else my life achieves. Business can and should be one of the most important tools towards building the Kingdom of God here on earth. My desire and purpose is to use business to help reach unreached people groups, shape culture, and change lives.

On May 30th, I had the indescribable joy of marrying my beautiful wife and best friend Brooke; right now, loving her well and spending every possible waking moment with her is the very highest aim of my life!"

I appreciate you and would love to hear from you!

Very sincerely,

Dr. Kendall Artz
Director, Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise
Curtis Hankamer Chair in Entrepreneurship

Please email Roxie Collier at if you would like to be included on an email list to receive these updates via email.

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