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Students Host Ladies' Night with President Livingstone

April 29, 2019

Ladies Night 500W

Put on your thinking caps for a minute. What do Angie Hicks, Sara Blakely, Catherine Ballas and Denitia Blount all have in common? Give up? Angie Hicks of Angie's List, Sara Blakely of Spanx, Catherine Ballas of REFIT Revolution and Denitia Blount of Waco's own Oh My Juice – all four are successful entrepreneurs. Correction, all four are successful female entrepreneurs.

Female entrepreneurs are definitely blazing a trail in the business world. With Texas recently ranked the number 1 state for female entrepreneurs and Baylor recently ranked number 6 among the top twenty-five undergraduate schools for entrepreneurship studies, it’s a sic' em good time to be a female entrepreneur!

So, when students at the Business & Innovation LLC expressed an interested to host a Ladies’ Night event, the idea was readily accepted. B&I LLC Program Director, Brooklyn Bolton explained, “The Ladies’ Night event was completely student inspired.” Bolton continued, “I simply gave the official okay for them to run with it.”

And run with it they did. B&I LLC Community Leader, Abigail Haan spearheaded the event. She explained, “Being a Christian woman in business is no easy feat.” She added, “We need guidance, encouragement and wisdom. We need role models.”

Haan didn't have to think very hard or look very far to realize that President Dr. Linda Livingstone fit the bill perfectly. Haan said, "There's no better role model for Baylor students than Dr. Livingstone." She continued, "Dr. Livingstone inspires students not only because she holds incredible credentials, but also because she balances her career and family life so well."

Haan successfully booked Dr. Livingstone for the late-April get-together. An intimate crowd of three dozen, mostly-freshmen students gathered together for snacks and conversation with President Livingstone. Sophia Merdian didn't have to think twice on attending the get-together. She explained, "I found it so inspiring that Dr. Livingstone took time out of her day to come speak to us." She added, "President Livingstone is an excellent example of Baylor's core Christian belief represented in business and academia through her actions and interactions with others."

It's a sic' em good time to be a female entrepreneur, indeed.

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