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John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship

John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise

Baylor's Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship presents valuable training for high-school teachers

June 12, 2018

Summer 2018 T3 - Gib Reynolds

On June 5, 2018, the John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise successfully concluded its first Train the Teachers (T3) instruction to serve high school entrepreneurship educators. The two-day "Visioneering" course offered a unique values-based, experiential business and innovation learning model specifically contextualized for high school teachers and their students.

The T3 Visioneering course teaches the business start-up and planning process and provides entertaining instruction on varied topics such as social responsibility and financial reports. To develop the engaging curriculum, Baylor Entrepreneurship faculty members Bradley Norris and Gib Reynolds collaborated with education and entrepreneurship groups such as Education Service Center Region 12 and the Free Enterprise Institute at the Dr. Pepper Museum. During the second day of the course, the class was treated to a tour of the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) and an opportunity to experience the BRIC’s LEx Lab facilities designed to demonstrate and evaluate innovative classroom settings and maker spaces. Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, the T3 team anticipates offering courses again in 2019.

Baylor's John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise encourages and facilitate entrepreneurship among constituents who are not current Baylor Business students to help foster and equip business leaders for worldwide service from within and outside the Baylor community according to the Christian tenets outlined in the Baylor University mission.

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