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Mentor Program

John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise

The Entrepreneurship Mentor Program seeks to connect undergraduate Baylor students who are aspiring entrepreneurs, with successful experienced entrepreneurs. The purpose of the program is to enhance the academic, business, networking and leadership capabilities of Baylor students who participate in the program.

Mentors listen to students' ideas, action plans and questions, and provide constructive feedback and suggestions. Because of their real world experience, mentors are able to give students a heads up about questions that students wouldn't think to ask and other resources that students wouldn't know to pursue.

Student Eligibility

The program is open to any Baylor student who is an Entrepreneurship Major or Minor, is in an Entrepreneurship Certificate program, is part of the Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center, or is a member of Baylor's CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization) and has a sincere desire to learn more about entrepreneurship. Priority, however, is given to applicants who are starting up a business.

Student Application for Entrepreneurship Mentor Program

Mentor Eligibility

Mentors are recognized business leaders and role models who voluntarily act as a friend, adviser and coach to Baylor students.

It is well documented that many mentors become involved in programs such as ours because they themselves wish they had had a mentor early on in their careers and would like to help students avoid the pitfalls that the mentors have already encountered.

Mentor Application

Contact Information

If you are a student wishing to apply to the mentor program or someone wishing to become a mentor to a Baylor student, please contact Amy Easley,, or 254.710.4290, for further information.

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