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John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Internship Program

John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise

Internships for Entrepreneurship Students

The Entrepreneurship Internship Program provides students the opportunity to apply classroom learnings and experiences to real-world business problems and opportunities, while expanding their skill sets and professional relationships. The program allows students to receive three hours of academic credit for paid work completed at an entrepreneurial firm or within an innovative setting at a more established company or non-profit, while also observing and exploring particular industries and companies for future full-time careers. Employers benefit by entering into Baylor University’s entrepreneurship community, working with and benefiting from high caliber employees desiring to serve in a temporary capacity, and vetting future colleagues in a collegial setting.

For Entrepreneurship (ENT) Majors and Minors


If you are an Entrepreneurship student interested in engaging with the internship program, you must have received credit for ENT 3320 (if an ENT Major) or ENT 3315 (if an ENT Minor).

Identify Your Internship Opportunity

Students identify internship opportunities through a variety of means, including 1) the Handshake job database system, 2) community gatherings and initiatives such as 1 Million Cups Waco, 3) Entrepreneurship faculty and staff, 4) Entrepreneurship internship listings, and 5) and networking with friends and family. Please note that only Entrepreneurship internship listings have been assessed regarding whether they are either with an entrepreneurial firm or within an innovative setting.

Apply For and Receive an Offer Letter From Your Future Employer

In order to ensure you have a deep enough experience to account for the Entrepreneurship Internship Program, you must be willing to work a minimum of 160 hours over the work term to be eligible to receive academic credit for the internship, and students generally must receive wages for work performed.

Complete the Student Internship Application

Once you have secured an internship, complete the student internship application. For further questions regarding this student process, please contact Roxie Collier in the Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship, Foster Campus, Room 210.08 by email or call 254-710-2265.

For Entrepreneurship Student Internship Employers

We appreciate alumni and other friends of Baylor University supporting the entrepreneurship community by providing innovative work for our sharp, enterprising students. See the guidelines for hosting internships over a spring, summer, or fall term.

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