Baylor in the Caribbean - Costa Rica

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Baylor in the Caribbean - Costa Rica

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Undergraduate students must take six hours of coursework as part of the program. Graduate students may choose a 3-hour option as per program instructions. Course credit will be earned by completing the following:

  • 10 hours of pre-trip class sessions
  • The 2-week trip to Costa Rica
  • 18 hours of post-trip class instruction and written assignments

All required coursework (i.e. written projects) must be completed before the end of the first summer session.

Courses Offered

  • Graduate
    • BUS 5340 - Studies in the Caribbean Region
    • BUS 5354 - Business Research in the Caribbean
  • Undergraduate
    • INB 4340 - Studies in the Caribbean Region
    • INB/ENT - 3350 International Entrepreneurship
    • ENT 4353 - Entrepreneurship in Latin America

Program Faculty

The program will be led by Les Palich, Fred Loa, and David Allen. These professors have decades of combined study abroad experience and will do everything possible to ensure a great trip experience.

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