Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

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Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

"Before this trip, I used to think I could only make a difference by creating a product and selling it, using the profits to provide for the needs of others. Now I realize that I can make a difference by employing others. This means both training them and giving them an opportunity to use their God-given gifts in practical ways. I hope to one day change the world by the way of business as mission." - Taylor Gildea

"Looking back on it, this trip was amazing, and life changing. There were so many things to take away from this. A big thing was how well microfinance works, bringing value to both the banks and the trust groups. I loved their holistic model of business and that is something that can be used in all businesses. I loved to see that you could use your business to help more people than just your clients. Overall, it was an amazing trip." - Chris Wells

"This trip has been an incredible journey of growth for me. This trip overall has shown me one thing: good business can really make a difference. Business is one of the best ways to create positive social impact because business is everywhere! Overall, the SEA trip was probably the largest source of professional growth I’ve encountered in my college career. From personal and professional interactions to just eating with a group of friends and leaders, I learned so much about my actions, attitudes, and faulty beliefs about business. I wouldn’t change one part about the trip." - Allen Ukkestad

"This trip has taught me so much about business and how it can attempt to fix the world’s problems and I have seen its importance and necessity first-hand. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me next with this new knowledge I have acquired! I hope to go back to Rwanda very soon to visit the friends I made there!" - Taylor Gildea

"It was very humbling to see how minimally the Rwandans live. In the midst of extreme poverty, they are so thankful for all of the things they have, from us visiting, to their children’s schooling, to their partnership with the bank. I really saw how microfinance is impacting lives." - Sarah Turney

"I don’t even have the proper words to describe my experience here. It was more than I could have ever imagined, I am taking so much more than knowledge about social entrepreneurship home. Not only was Rwanda a beautiful country full of beautiful people with even more beautiful souls, I was blessed to have gone with a group of strangers that quickly felt like family. I could not be more thankful to God for allowing me to be blessed by everyone on the trip." - Kaimyn Kinkade

"In between the majestic views of the lake, islands and hills were the pleasant conversations that the children offered. One young man asked me what I liked about the country. I gave him my best soliloquy. After hearing it, he processed my words for a moment and then asked if I wanted to come back. Without thinking I exclaimed, “Of course!” - CJ Williams

"I am very impressed with the people of Rwanda. All the pain, loss, grief they have been through and the painful memories they carry today, coupled with their determination to improve their situation is immensely inspiring to me. Over the past 5 years I have lost family and friends, and it has been difficult, so learning about the history of Rwanda and seeing where they are now is part of the reason why I think God has me on this trip. I’m excited to keep experiencing life here." - Ben Byrum

"I learned that all the areas of my life don’t need to be boxed up and stored separately from one another. The beauty of integrating my career and my faith gives me hope that I can live a successful and fruitful life. I’m so thankful for this experience and all the people I came in contact with!" - Sarah Turney

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