Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

The Social Entrepreneurship in Africa program is a 15-day summer study abroad program. As a participant, you will visit and experience the African country of Rwanda.

The trip is an opportunity for you to examine the use of entrepreneurial skills to craft innovative responses to social problems in Africa and the ability of microlending practices to stimulate economic activity and alleviate poverty.

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We are now accepting applications for Summer 2019! Please see the information on our Application Process to reserve your spot.

About the Program

Dates and Cost

The Social Entrepreneurship in Africa trip takes place during the last 2 weeks of May. Immunizations are required. Cost is approximately $3,300 which includes airfare, transportation, housing and meals. Tuition, passport, and visa costs are not included.

Program Format

First Component

The format of the program consists of two major components pursued sequentially. The first component, requires 12 hours of preparatory classroom instruction at Baylor. These ten hours will occur in a seminar format and the dates will be determined based on participant schedules. This component of the class will be comprised of faculty and student-led discussions concerning assigned articles and readings, as well as presentations by guest speakers who are directly involved in microfinance in Africa.

Second Component

The second component, a 15-day trip to Africa, will commence after Spring semester final exams in May. During this section of the program, students and sponsors will travel to Africa to experience first-hand the approach and effects of microfinancing.

Because of the limited number of spaces available, instructor approval is required for you to participate. However, the fundamental prerequisite to participate in this program is an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others. The nature of this program challenges you to act as Ambassadors of Entrepreneurship, representing Baylor University in your interactions with the local business and entrepreneur community in Africa.

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