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Why a Baylor PhD?

Doctorate in Health Services Research

The Growing Need for Expertise

The growing role of Health Services Research in all facets of healthcare has increased the need for professionals who can provide rigorous, methodologically-sound solutions to the many challenges facing leaders and health policy makers.

The doctoral program in Health Services Research was created in response to this demand and leverages Baylor's reputation as an academic leader in those fields comprising Health Services Research: economics, sociology, statistics, epidemiology, and ethics.

Our faculty has expertise and experience conducting numerous research studies resulting in publications in high impact journals. They have focused on both clinical and financial outcomes, providing important information for healthcare leaders on the types of interventions that can truly make a difference in patient care.

The primary goal of our Program is to train the next generation of scholars who will make important contributions to this rapidly growing discipline, answering the call to improve healthcare effectively and efficiently as possible.

Key Benefits Include:

  • High-quality education in Health Services Research theory, research, and statistical methodology.
  • Excellent Faculty with: 1) publication and funding success; and 2) diverse research interest success in those disciplines comprising Health Services Research.
  • Student-professor collaboration on Health Services Research and projects.
  • Academic Flexibility to concentrate on health and healthcare issues in various disciplines and settings.
  • Preparation with requisite competencies for a career for employment in research settings such as academia, healthcare delivery systems, provider entities, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies and specialty societies.

Career: Becoming A Thought Leader

As a PhD candidate, you will partake in a Research Mentorship that will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member to produce research leading to producing manuscripts to be submitted for publication in partial fulfillment of the requirements to receive your PhD.

Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to conduct impactful research, potentially working with many disciplines collaboratively with clinical and non-clinical personnel to focus on both effectiveness (better clinical outcomes) and efficiency (better financial outcomes).

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