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Doctorate in Health Services Research

The PhD in Health Services Research was created in response to the substantial demand for impactful research that will inform leaders and health policy makers. The program specifically focuses on improving health and health care to produce better clinical and financial outcomes, providing information on the kinds of interventions and policies that will truly make a difference.

The program is highly quantitative and rigorous, training its graduates to create the kind of evidence that will advance health and health care. Students successfully completing the doctoral program could find employment in a variety of settings such as universities, health care delivery systems, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

A Research-based Approach

The PhD in Health Services Research is a highly research-focused program that takes an interdisciplinary perspective in efforts to investigate the questions that confront future leaders and health policy makers, in alignment with the mission of the Robbins Institute. The Institute is committed to providing quality academic training, while expanding a commitment to health services research on issues that directly impact the lives of millions of people nationally and worldwide.

  • Work closely with faculty members to develop skills in theory, research, quantitative methods and the publication process.
  • Enjoy a personalized program designed to reflect student interests, while capitalizing on strengths of interdisciplinary faculty.
  • Generate and publish research with active support from faculty.

The program is complemented by the members of the Advisory Council whose institutions represent a vast array of health care-related organizations.

Teaching Excellence

We believe that our graduates must be great researchers with the opportunity to become excellent teachers should their future place of employment be in an academic setting. Baylor is well regarded for teaching effectiveness and the doctoral program is designed to continue that tradition by mentoring students in a way that fosters personal growth and development in leading the classroom. This includes courses in pedagogy, along with mentorship that builds teaching skills.


The Hankamer School of Business and the Robbins Institute for Health Policy & Leadership provides support in attending key conferences in Health Services Research.

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