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Newly Admitted Students


Congratulations on your admission to a graduate program in economics at the Hankamer School of Business. We are glad you have chosen to become a vital part of our community of scholars and eagerly anticipate your arrival.

It's now time to begin preparing for your first semester of Business School.

Step 1 - (within 30 days of acceptance)
  • Enrollment Form: The Business School requests that you confirm your attendance through your GoBaylor Grad account to reserve your place in a graduate economics program.
  • Financial Award: If you received an offer for a Scholarship award from the Business School, please sign and return the award agreements to the Graduate Programs Center in the Business School. Additionally, all graduate students receiving a stipend must complete an I-9 and a W-4. See the Graduate School's Student Employment Forms webpage for more information and copies of the forms.

Step 2 - (once you accept the admission offer)
  • BearID: Prior to your arrival, you can activate your BearID (Baylor email account). The BearID is not to be confused with the Baylor ID number, a nine digit number that is used to access your individual and financial records.
  • Baylor ID card: If you have a chance to visit campus, you can also obtain your Baylor ID card by visiting the first floor of Robinson Tower. Baylor ID card.
  • BearWeb: Activate your BearWeb student account. BearWeb is Baylor's secure online system allowing students self-service access to information about your financial aid, grades and transcripts, and registration of classes as well as personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts.
  • Health Form and Health Insurance - Complete and return the Baylor Health Form to Baylor's Health Center. Research the Student Health Insurance Plan available to Baylor graduate students.
  • International Students: The Business School works with Baylor's Office of International Student and Scholar Services to serve incoming international students.

Step 3 - (once you activate your Baylor accounts)
  • Advising and Registration: The academic advisor for graduate students in economics programs is Dr. Van Pham. Before you arrive on campus, you can contact Dr. Pham to discuss course offerings for your degree plan. Dr. Pham can be reached by email at
  • Financial Settlement - A student's course registration for a given semester is not complete until all expenses are paid or the first payment of the Installment Plan (the minimum amount due) is received. A Financial Settlement Checklist is posted by Baylor's Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Step 4 - (week before classes)
    • Orientation: Baylor Business will host an orientation for all new graduate business students prior to the beginning of your program. Contact the Graduate Programs Center in the Business School to confirm the dates of orientation for your graduate program in economics.

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