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Bachelor of Arts


Requirements for the B.A. degree in Economics are described fully and authoritatively in the undergraduate catalog of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Basic Major Requirements

Twenty-seven semester hours including the following:

  1. ECO 2306, 2307, 3306, and either 3305 or 3307.
  2. Nine semester hours of 4000 level economics electives.
  3. Six semester hours of additional 3000 - 4000 level economics electives.
  • Note: ECO 3308 and 3355 do not count toward the Economics major.

Required courses in other fields:

  1. MTH 1321
  2. STA 1380 or QBA 2302

Economics majors must earn a minimum grade of C in MTH 1321. Students earning C-minus or less may only retake MTH 1321 once to meet the minimum grade requirement.

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