B.S. Economics

Requirements for the B.S. Major in Economics are described fully and authoritatively in the undergraduate catalog of the College of Arts and Sciences.  

Major Academic Planner for B.S. Economics

Basic Major Requirements
Twenty-seven semester hours including the following:
  • ECO 2306*, 2307*, 3306, 4347, and either 3305 or 3307.
  • Six semester hours of “4000” level economics electives.
  • Six semester hours of additional “3000�4000” level economics electives.

Note: ECO 3308 and 3355 do not count toward the Economics major. Economics courses cannot be used to meet the basic social science requirement for the B.S. degree.

Required courses in other fields:
  • MTH 1321.
  • STA 2381.
  • Eight semester hours of science courses with appropriate labs selected from: BIO 1305-1105, 1306-1106, CHE 1301-1101, CHE 1302-1102, ENV 1301-1101, GEO 1406, One GEO from: 1401, 1402, 1403, 1405, 1408, NSC 1306-1106, PHY 1420, PHY 1430.
  • Twenty additional semester hours of science and mathematics, selected from one or more of the following: biology, chemistry, geology, physics, psychology/neuroscience, environmental studies, and/or mathematics (excluding Mathematics courses taken to satisfy requirement above). All courses must count toward the major in the respective departments.
Note: MTH 1322 may be required for graduate school.

*Students may waive the requirements for ECO 2306 and 2307 by satisfying one of the following: 1) SAT math score of 650 or higher or its equivalent; 2) a grade of A in MTH 1321 at Baylor; or 3) permission of the department chair. If ECO 2306 and/or 2307 are skipped, then additional courses in economics must be taken in lieu of the bypassed courses.

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