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2022 European Business Seminar

European Business Seminar


Welcome, prospective European Business Seminar participant!

Yes, we are currently planning on going to Europe during the Summer of 2022!  We have the tentative itinerary ready (e-mail me for a pdf copy), we are booking hotels throughout Europe, and we have reserved airline seats for our group.

The European Business Seminar is the most incredible study abroad program that you will find! Our third-party provider (IBS Tours) has an endless number of contacts throughout Western Europe, which enable us to visit companies that others can only dream about!  Like exotic automobiles?  We tour Lamborghini's factory.  Like high fashion?  We tour Gucci's factories (when available).  Swarovski Crystal.  Gabbiano Winery. Lloyd's of London.  The list goes on. 

In fact, we tour numerous companies and cities throughout Western Europe, beginning with Rome, Florence, Modena, Verona & Venice in Italy, then Innsbruck, Austria, Munich Germany, the country of Liechtenstein, Paris, the Normandy Coast, London, England, and others.

All majors are welcome and we can usually get credit that is helpful for most majors -- even if you are not in business.

After viewing these pages, if you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Easley by cell (voice or text) at 254-723-1673, including nights or weekends  -- even right now. And -- please encourage your parents to contact me should they have any questions!      E-mail is

The application for the program will be posted soon.  In the interim, please text Dr. Easley at 254-723-1673 with your name, major, hours accumulated at the end of this fall semester, and program of interest (Winter 2021, Summer 2022, etc.).


Please view the following three minute video about Castello di Gabbiano -- a fantastic company visit that we visit every year. This video shows the magical beauty of the Tuscany Region of Italy and includes not only gorgeous video scenes of the winery but an interview with Ivano Reali, the CEO of Gabbiano, who speaks to European Business Seminar students (when he is in Italy) about the marketing of wines. We also dine at Gabbiano -- the chef is phenomenal and the meal is one that you will never forget . . .

Castillo di Gabbiano Winery in Tuscany

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