Executive MBA Program in Dallas

Executive MBA Program in Dallas

Meet Amy Allan, Class of 2018

June 26, 2018

Meet Amy Allan, People Advisory Services Consultant, Ernst & Young

Class of 2018

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1. In what ways have your already seen a Return on Investment from your Baylor EMBA?

Going into the program, I had hoped to embark on a new career path within my company. Halfway through the program I was able to make the transition into this new role largely because I was pursuing my MBA.

2. What were some of the factors that impacted your decision to choose Baylor for your EMBA?

From my very first conversation with a Baylor EMBA administrator, I could tell that the students were the first priority in this program and that was something I truly valued and wanted for my experience.

3. In what ways do you see the Baylor network in action?

Thanks to the cohort format for this program, I now have endless amounts of classmates across all ages, races, ethnicities, and industries that I can reach out to for different perspectives and advice. It has broadened my trusted advisors and circle of friends immensely.

4. How does the EMBA schedule fit with your busy work and travel schedule?

The schedule of the Baylor EMBA program was perfect. I always felt that I had a good balance between the professional, personal, and educational aspects of my life. I got the best of all worlds with this program!

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