Executive MBA Program in Dallas

Executive MBA Program in Dallas

Meet Thiago Bittar, Class of 2018

June 15, 2018

Meet Thiago Bittar, EMBA Class of 2018

Thiago Bittar, EMBA Class of 2018

Director of Corporate Finance, Nokia

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How have you managed the “Learn / Life Balance”, specifically having a baby and running a marathon(s) while in the Baylor Executive MBA Program?

The Baylor EMBA program is very challenging. However, managing life balance is one of the most important pillars one can do for a successful career. The short answer is having your family’s support. My wife helped me incredibly during the MBA, without her, I would not have been able to complete the program.

How did your wife’s support play a role in your success in the program?

My wife as well as my family helped me a lot during this journey. They understood that I would be very busy during certain weekends, nights, or even entire weeks of managing work, MBA assignments, business trips, etc. We talked about the commitment required before starting the program and during the program I communicated expectations to let her know when there were important deadlines.

What impact has the Baylor EMBA program had on your career already?

During the EMBA program, I received a promotion at Nokia, as Finance Director for one of our biggest business groups. I’m confident that the Baylor EMBA provided me with the tools and skill set that helped me reach the next level. In addition, I was able have a personal meeting with Nokia’s APAC & JAPAN Regional CFO during our international trip to Singapore. It was an invaluable networking opportunity.

What role did your classmates and the classroom environment have on your success at Baylor?

The collaborative environment is what I loved the most! My cohort was amazing. In addition, I tell people Baylor’s Learn/Life Balance approach and collaborative classroom is one of the most important parts when I recommend the program to others.

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