Dallas EMBA

Washington D.C. Experience

Executive MBA Program - Dallas

DC Trip

Active Learning in Washington D.C.

Baylor Executive MBA and Executive MBA Healthcare students travel to Washington D.C. to learn first-hand how public policy and international issues impact business. Students spend a week in Washington D.C. where they learn first-hand how policy decisions impact business.

EMBA-Healthcare students enjoy a customized learning tract that complements their Healthcare Law & Healthcare Policy courses.

This trip is one-of-a-kind. Speakers are hand picked to provide thought leadership to the students on the intersections of government and business. Students sit in on active congressional hearings and participate in a learning exchange with a local expert to delve into the nuances of communication, strategy, and policy. Students are then challenged to apply the lessons learned to their own industry, business, or product.

Key concepts include:

  • How government affects public and private businesses
  • How a business can influence government action

Recent business visits included:

  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Capitol Hill
  • The Pentagon
  • Congressional Speakers
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Lobbyists
  • Embassies
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